Tech Tips in a Tweet

Last Friday, I watched an interesting conversation take place online on Twitter among several librarians. Fridays on Twitter are known as “Follow Friday” and many people recommend other Twitter users for you to follow. But David King (of TSCPL) and Joe Murphy (of Yale University Libraries) proposed something different for this Friday:

The only requirements were that the intro had to include the keyword #inatweet (called a hashtag on Twitter) and the total post was limited to 140 characters (a Twitter requirement). Several librarians have since contributed to this meme (as David King called it). Some of my favorite services highlighted?

People always are asking how do you keep up on technology? and I point to times like these. My network online keeps me up-to-date.

Do you have any tech intros you’d like to share “inatweet”? Share yours in the comments, if you’re not a Twitter user. If you are a Twitter user, you know what to do!

An archive of the #inatweet conversation through July 13

Current comments in this conversation in the past 7 days

Photo credit: “Tech Tips for Every Librarian” by Flickr user mstephens7 under a Creative Commons license