Tech Day Lightning Rounds

Original post from July 27, 2010. Updated with links to the sites presented at Tech Day.

Share your favorite Web-based software, Web site or gadget in 2-5 minutes during the Lightning Round at Tech Day, Friday, August 6.  We will have the laptop, projector and Internet at the podium ready for you to use, just bring your passwords and such.

We borrowed this idea in 2009 after Library Camp Kansas, the Unconference held at Kansas State University that March.  It has since been repeated in various forms, including the IT 20/02: 20 tech tips, tools, sites, or programs in 20 minutes from the Tech Talk in Emporia in June.

On tap so far: picnik, xtranormal, ninite, and 5 iPad programs Heather can’t live without!

NEW IDEAS – Get inspired by one of these 45 Tech Tips in 45 Minutes (.pdf) from KLA!

Let us know if you have one to add, or just come ready for show and tell!

I HOPE that this is a complete list of sites and gadgets shared at Tech Day, please leave a comment on the post if I have forgotten something. (Sharon)