"Naked in the Library" (Online Security) Resources

Liz Rea and Heather Braum have presented on “Naked in the Library: Keeping your private information private, online” at the 2011 KLA Conference, the 2011 NEKLS Tech Day, and the 2011 SKWLS Tech Day.

This post serves as a more information page for the presentation that includes:

  1. links to definitions of terms (page 2)
  2. resources and articles about online security (page 3)
  3. the ten tips mentioned in the presentation (page 4)
  4. a link to the handout (in PDF format)
  5. the presentation slides (on SlideShare)
    1. KLA version of the slides (without the videos*)
    2. NEKLS Tech Day version of the slides (without the videos*)
    3. SWKLS Tech Day version of the slides (without the videos*)
    4. *Videos only available during live presentation

If you have any questions about online security, please leave them in the comments. Liz and Heather will be happy to help you stay “clothed” in the online world in your library!

Program Description: Received an email from your bank, asking for your password? Received a forward from a friend announcing a virus attack is coming? Visited a website and a popup proclaims “You have a virus and you need to install Anti-Virus 2011 to remove it”? How do you handle these?

As many library services move online, how can you protect staff and patrons from becoming exposed online?

Many people browse online “naked,” not realizing how easily information can be exposed. Yet, no amount of harping and chastisement to “make a secure password” or “don’t click THAT popup”, has seemed to make much impression. With a bit of humor, Liz Rea and Heather Braum will draw on their their vast experiences helping librarians, patrons, and friends of all types by showing the audience how easy it is for someone to get access to multiple online accounts, as well as addressing questions such as:

  • How vulnerable could my computer really be with great antivirus software?
  • What should I NEVER click?
  • Where should I NEVER go on the web?
  • What emails can I ignore?
  • Is that claim on Facebook really true?

Come see how to avoid being naked online in this quirky session.

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