Links and a Latte 1.9

Welcome back to Links and a Latte! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or other favorite beverage (I’ve got my raspberry chocolate truffle coffee today), and enjoy this quick round-up of interesting links; some are library-related and some are just, interesting. Many ended up around the theme of coding and programming, especially teaching it to kids.

  1. 30 Tips/Tricks/Tools in 30 minutes from NEKLS Tech and Innovation Day: This is an “older” post, but for those of you who missed tech day in April, or missed this post, you might find many of these resources useful.
  2. Libraries changed my life blog — this is a new, reader-submitted blog of “Real life accounts from library patrons whose lives have been changed for the better by libraries.”
  3. Undoing sending a Gmail message: For those of you who use Gmail at your libraries and/or personally, you might find this tip useful. It helps you set up a feature in your Gmail so you can “undo” sending an email message. This comes in handy, when you realize you had a typo in a message, or forgot to add something. I use it a lot!
  4. Teaching the Caldecott Medal Winner books, 1938-2013: this is a multimedia resources list for all the Caldecott Medal winners since 1938. It is a part of the TeachingBooks site, a paid, licensed site, but this particular list and its resources appear to be freely available and accessible at this time. You may find it useful!
  5. Repurposing card catalog cards into art: this is an interview with the artist Vickie Moore, who is turning old card catalog cards into art! She is asking librarians to send her old cards, so she can create more stunning projects. Read the interview to find out more!
  6. How and why to teach your kids to code: Why should kids learn how to code? “It teaches vital problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills.” Check out the post from Lifehacker for recommended apps (almost always free!) to teach kids of all ages how to code.
  7. A good, related follow-up is Why Programming Teaches So Much More Than Technical Skills, from KQED’s blog Mind/Shift: how we will learn.
  8. Minecraft at the Library:A story from TechSoup on the gaming/programming software at our own Silver Lake Library!
  9. Surviving Minecraft: 9 Easy Steps to Get Started: a short column in Time magazine on getting started with Minecraft. A longer profile of the software is available the latest issue of Time magazine, “The Mystery of Minecraft”.
  10. Finally, for a bit of Friday, end of the month fun: The online game, Scribble States! This is a fun game that has you trace state shapes, and then you have to choose which state you just traced. But there’s a catch! Sometimes the answer options are based on states’ capitals or nicknames. It’s geography trivia, drawing, and more! I found it to be quickly addicting. Maybe others out there will agree!

That’s it for this Links and a Latte post! What are you reading online? Share it in the comments. Photo Credit: “Espresso Self!” by Flickr user Josh Liba under a Creative Commons license.