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Laura DeBaun
System Director
ldebaun (at)

  • Personnel
  • Employee benefit administration
  • Payroll and government reports
  • General accounting and accounting software
  • School library continuing education and policy issues
  • School-public library cooperation
  • Advocacy training
  • Vendor discounts

Michael McDonald
Library Development Consultant &
Assistant Director
mmcdonald (at)

  • Personnel issues
  • Policy issues
  • Facility planning
  • Collection development; weeding
  • Program planning
  • Friends organization
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Marketing library services
  • Strategic planning
  • Board orientation and training
  • Library law
  • Fundraising and grant development


Anna Foote

 Anna Foote
Youth Services &
Continuing Education Consultant
afoote (at)

  • Library staff development
  • Continuing education event coordination
  • Workshop planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Online learning
  • Program planning
  • Youth and Teen Services consulting
  • Summer Library Program coordination
  • 6 by 6/early literacy training and consulting
  • School library liaison

Robin Hastings
Library Services Consultant
rhastings (at)

George Williams
Next Coordinator
nexthelp (at)
gwilliams (at)

  • Next catalog coordinator
  • Cataloging
  • Interlibrary loan training and support
  • Kansas Digital Book eLending Ordering
  • Professional collection manager
  • Weeding

Jessi Harris
Information Resources Consultant
jharris (at)

Dan Alexander
Library Consultant, Technology Director, &
Brand Ambassador
tech (at)
dalexander (at)

  • Training, continuing education, & professional development
  • Library website support
  • Technology planning & policy
  • Space planning


Greg Gantz
Technology Specialist
tech (at)
ggantz (at)

Lisa Miller
Financial Manager
lmiller (at)

  • Invoices
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll and tax documents
  • Financial reporting
  • QuickBooks administrator

Caroline Handwork
Courier Coordinator & Executive Assistant
courier (at)
chandwork (at)