The Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) is one of seven Kansas Regional Systems of Cooperating Libraries. NEKLS is dedicated to providing universal access to exceptional library Service through its 121 member libraries (11 academic; 48 public; 54 schools/districts; 8 special) in the 14 counties of Northeast Kansas through the cooperation and peer support of NEKLS member libraries, and the assistance of the NEKLS staff of library consultants.

NEKLS has 10 staff members and is governed by an executive board that includes members voted on by System member library Representatives and members appointed by the governor of Kansas. Visit the Staff and Executive Board pages to learn more.

Value of NEKLS Services

What are the benefits that member libraries gain from participation in the Northeast Kansas Library System? This document is a menu of some of the services and resources delivered to member libraries, and the cost of providing those services. These are the costs paid entirely by NEKLS after any fees charged to libraries have been deducted. The document is only a partial list of system services and does not include any overhead costs that are required for NEKLS to continue to operate and provide system services.

Access the Value of NEKLS Services document (PDF).

Vision Statement

NEKLS and its member libraries are leaders and innovators in providing exemplary library services.

The Northeast Kansas Library System enables its members to meet that vision by providing:

  • Convenient access to the region’s library collections through a state of the art resource sharing networks
  • Library consulting, continuing education, and professional development services
  • Facilitation of peer communication among library personnel
  • Technology innovation and support
  • Improvement of service through advocacy for library services, voluntary library accreditation based on standards of service, and public library development grants.

This vision statement is expanded in the System Strategic Plan.