Kansas Library Association Conference Report

Kansas Library Association Conference Report

Last week’s KLA (Kansas Library Association) Conference was a big hit! From the opening keynote, at which Karen Perry talked about librarian superpowers and how to pump up those powers in our libraries, to the closing keynote where the ladies behind the Awful Library Books blog talked about how Hoarding is not Collection Development, there was fun and informative sessions going on for everyone. Several of the NEKLS library community were able to go to the conference – some as presenters, too! If you weren’t able to go this year, please think about going next year – it will be in KC, MO (Bartle Hall, to be exact) and pretty close to us here in the Northeast part of Kansas!

I’ve asked a couple of our directors to give us a rundown of what they got out of the conference this year – two of those reports are below. If you attended the conference and want to share your experiences, drop me a line at rhastings@nekls.org to let us know what you learned at this year’s KLA conference!

From Cathy Newland, Director of the Silver Lake Library:
I attended the session Thursday about the KLA Mentoring project that was led by Terry Jane Velasquez and Jeff Imparato as well Gloria Creed-Dikeogu. I was a Mentor for the pilot project that wraps up at the end of this year.

It was interesting to hear from the panel of Mentors and Mentees and be a part of the evaluation of the project. The project will continue with CULS assuming responsibility for academic librarians, PLS coordinating public librarians, and possibly KASL taking responsibility for school librarians.

I also attended both KLA and PLS membership meetings where the project was discussed as well. Mentoring new librarians and especially new library directors is certainly a need and has high priority for both KLA and PLS.

From Terry Chartier, Director of the Ottawa Library:
My favorite part of this years conference was the State Librarian’s Luncheon. It is wonderful to hear Jo talk about her love of libraries and what the State Library offers our libraries and our patrons throughout the year. It is also great to hear about all of the new items that are being offered or will be available in the near future. She is always great to recognize the libraries who have benefited from the State Library grants or contributed to collections that we all share.

I always love getting to talk with fellow librarians and getting to meet new friends.